Business Showcase

Want to celebrate successes on the high street with us?

Your successes on the high street are also ours at NearMeNow and we want to showcase the great work that High Street Heroes near you are doing to help their businesses and communities thrive.  We will share with you videos, testimonials and good news stories from your local communities regularly so keep a close eye on our news feed and join us in celebrating success together.  If you want to be featured or would like to nominate your own High Street Hero then don’t hesitate to contact our team who would love to hear from you.

  • Buttercup Cwtch, Cowbridge

    In this Business Showcase, Elly Worgan shares her love for supporting other high street businesses! Buttercup Cwtch is a hidden treasure trove of gifts hidden in Verity Court, an arcade between the High Street and North Road. Meet Elly Worgan the business owner, who fell in love with her Cowbridge location on first sight.

  • Fich + Ramous, Cowbridge

    In this 2018 Business Showcase, Claire Pryor-Collins shares her Fich + Ramous journey!

    Claire discusses her business journey, the challenges that high street businesses face and her hopes for the future!
  • The Pencil Case, Cowbridge

    We're so excited to share our first business story in our first Business Showcase! Sally Stephenson at The Pencil Case, Cowbridge shares her business experience, the challenges she overcame and celebrates her successes in our Business Showcase produced by our media student intern Arianne Price.