Is it for me?

If you’re an independent business owner in your local community then we believe that the NearMeNow app is right up your High Street. 

If you’ve already read all about why we’ve developed this groundbreaking app for you, taken a look at the solution we are offering your local community and seen the values behind our vision then you will now be wondering whether this app will work for you.

Let us take you on a tour of just some of the amazing features available to you when you download and start using this app right now.

  • Augmented reality

    It’s time to have fun with the NearMeNow app.  Showcase your business in a unique, fun way using the latest cutting edge technology.  Be the talk of the town as your customers use the latest mobile tech to take a closer look at what your business is offering your local community.  When advertising with NearMeNow, the information on your advert will automatically be used to create an advert which can be viewed on your phone screen when looking at the high street through your phone’s camera lens.  This technology is not even being used by the big names on the high street – our app will put your high street business ahead of the retail game.

  • Advertise

    Want to reach 85% of your local community at the touch of a button?  With that many smart phone users near your business now, can you afford not to let them see what your business has to offer?  Whether they’re on your high street right now or not, you can reach them with our app, using location specific tech you can get your message out to more people than your shop front advertising can achieve.  You can even reach much further than just those who follow your social media, no more getting lost in your customers news feed or having to worry about complicated algorithms or social media insights stats, our app is simply here to push out your messages to those close enough to take advantage.  It’s the perfect alternative to your static advert being flicked past on the pages of your local press.

  • Total control

    You can stop, start, duplicate, schedule, extend or even cut short an advertising campaign as soon as your deal sells out, at the touch of a button – giving you full control of your marketing in no time at all, meaning you can carry on doing a terrific job of running your business and giving the best customer care.  Meeting supply and demand can now be as simple as making just a few clicks on the NearMeNow app helping you be even more responsive to your customers’ needs.

  • Instant Messaging

    We live in a day and age where communication needs to be instant – think of the last time you got hold of a friend by letter, e-mail or even picked up the phone?  How quickly could your customers even find your address, telephone number or e-mail address to get in touch?  The NearMeNow app gives you a unique instant messaging function for businesses – WOW!  No longer will your customers have to search the web for your contact details as our app will give them instant ability to send a message.  Keeping your whole conversation history private and in one place it will allow you to manage your customer relationship in one place.

  • Geo-location

    Ever wondered where you rank when someone uses a search engine to find your kind of business in your town?  Does the whole SEO minefield terrify you?  Let customers find you easier based on location and place your business on an even playing field whether you’re hidden off the actual high street or hidden online.  Using our map will ensure new customers know you’re location even if out of their line of sight.

  • Transact

    I want it all and I want it now!  Isn’t that the norm in this day and age.  Give your customers the ability to transact instantly when they want to take advantage of your deal with the ability to pay you in full or pay a deposit with our cashless payment facility.  Using the trusted PayPal system to provide secure transactions, giving your customers invoices and receipts for their records as well as the guarantee you need as a business that a sale is done.  When competing with online shopping, click and collect services or even multinational sales platforms, the NearMeNow app puts you up there when it comes to the convenience customers crave whilst still keeping you in your high street premises, serving your community.

  • Map

    The NearMeNow app will put your high street business on the map!  Imagine popping into town to pick up a few things and meet friends for coffee and just before leaving the comfort of your favourite coffee shop, being able to check the NearMeNow app to see whether there’s anything else that’s worth taking a look at before heading home.  Being on the map will mean that you may be out of sight at that moment, but never out of mind as seeing your business’ deal will keep people on the high street for longer, taking full advantage of what’s on offer near them now.  The map will guide them straight to your door even if they’re new in town or just visiting.

  • Scheduling

    Planning ahead is always key.  In fact, most businesses we’ve spoken to say that the best time to look for more sales and more customers is actually when business is good.  However, that’s the very time that most business owners are so busy that they often forget to plan ahead, plan future campaigns and look for those all important new customers.  With the NearMeNow app you can keep ahead of the game and schedule the marketing, deals and campaigns for your business.  Whether to highlight your weekly or monthly deals or even plan ahead to cover your annual leave and holidays, you can organise your advertising using our simple app.

Our team of high street heroes will be happy to take you through a consultation looking at what you are using right now to advertise and promote your business and guide you through the features that meet your business needs.  If you prefer, you can carry out your own marketing diagnostic by filling in the questions below in order to see how our app can compliment and enhance the fantastic work you’re doing to shout about your business from the rooftops in your local area.

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How exactly will it work for your high street business?

The app has been designed with you in mind and after extensive research into what businesses need to stand out and compete with the big brands and online shopping options without compromising your role and your presence on the high street.  Each business has different needs so why not take a closer look at how your business can benefit from registering now for the NearMeNow app.

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