Hello High Street!

Are you passionate about your local high street? Are you a High Street Hero? 

Whether you’re a business, a local resident or just an avid supporter and flag-waver for all things local, here at NearMeNow we believe that each and every one of you has the potential to become a High Street Hero. 

We care passionately about our local high streets and so strong is our belief in supporting the communities we live in, that we have developed an app to help retailers, restaurants and in fact any other high street business to notify their local residents when they have something to offer. 

How cool would it be if at the touch of a button, you were notified when there was a free appointment at your local salon, new stock arrived at your favourite shop or even an offer that was just too good to miss down on the high street?  Well our app will do just that.  NearMeNow will take advertising, usually seen in shop windows and on pavements outside shops, to all smartphone users in the locality.  So whether you’re already on the high street, in a coffee shop with friends or even in the comfort of your own home… local opportunities are just a click away.

By bringing each individual business’ advertising online through one app, we will ensure that as a community of businesses, everyone benefits from each other’s digital footfall and therefore increasing actual, real world feet on the high streets – more happy customers through the shop door.

There’s more….

This app is designed to be a “one-stop” shop and will also provide two way instant messaging between customer and high street business as well as give you the ability to complete financial transactions to secure goods and services.

It’s so easy to miss out on great offers or those last minute appointments on your local high street don’t you agree?  

This is exactly what Vicky, the brains behind the idea, realised one day whilst she sat in her local Hairdressers. 

“There were four hairdressers, myself and three empty chairs.  My mind started wandering and I asked myself….  How can I help this business generate revenue from these empty chairs?  Why are they empty?  Was it down to cancellations, no shows or just poor marketing?  How “last minute” had the chairs become available?  How can I help communicate that these chairs are available to potential new customers?”
– Vicky Mann

The solution started foaming at the backwash and as the scissors trimmed and styled Vicky’s hair and the NearMeNow concept also started to take shape.