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Are you an individual who just loves supporting your local businesses, but often feel that you miss out on what’s happening on your high street?

If so, this app is perfect to help you see what’s near YOU now.  You’ll never have to miss out on last minute availability of appointments at your local salon.  You won’t have to kick yourself that you didn’t see your favourite family butcher advertise reduced meat.  You’ll never again have the fear of missing out on the best deals on your local high street.  You’ll now have the NearMeNow app for FREE just click on DOWNLOAD iOS | DOWNLOAD ANDROID.

Are you a high street business owner looking for a way to reach out to your local community at the touch of a button?

If so, the NearMeNow app is right up your high street!  We are passionate about collaboration on the high street and getting local businesses working together.  So first things first …



Talk to other local retailers, or maybe with your Chamber of Commerce or local business club and get a feel for how many businesses in your local community would love to be part of our digital high street.  Point them all to our Website and when they like what they see, you can get in touch as a community as working together makes you stronger. Click on Business Showcase.



We can help guide you through this process so just get in touch – it’s simple – we are here for you.  We can offer focus groups, business talks and plenty of info to help your business community understand the benefits of using a single app that will help you not only advertise, but also communicate and transact with your high street’s customers. Get in touch by clicking Contact Us.



As soon as you want to join the NearMeNow digital high street then it’s as simple as getting registered on our app.  Once we have a community of businesses on board, your local high street will be alive on our app.  Our business development team will be in touch to help you communicate and interact with your customers once a group of businesses are registered on the same high street. DOWNLOAD iOS | DOWNLOAD ANDROID.

Are you a valued member of your local community who organises events for your local school, club, charity or organisation?

If bringing the community together is your passion then find out how you can use the NearMeNow app to bring even more people to your events.  Contact Us and our very own High Street Heroes will be in touch.