Create an iPhone Business Video


Guest Blog: Trigger Happy Creative

Hey! We’re Trigger Happy Creative, a video production company based in Cardiff and we’re going to give you some advice on how to film an effective video for your business that you can upload to YouTube and link to your NearMeNow advert.

We’re professional video makers and we use a lot of expensive equipment to make our videos, but all you really need to create a simple effective video for your business is your iPhone.

We’re gonna give you some top tips on how to film a video for your business on your iPhone.

First you need to know how to film on an iPhone.
1. Open up your camera app.
2. Swipe across to ‘Video’ and when you’re ready to start recording, tap on the red button.
3. It’s as easy as that. You don’t have film the video in one take, you can start and stop as many times as you like. If you make a mistake or find that there’s a part which you don’t like, it can be cut out during the editing stage.

Landscape Vs Portrait

It’s intuitive to hold the phone up straight but when your filming, you want to hold the phone on it’s side so the screen is wide like a TV screen. This is called landscape mode and this is better because it fits better on YouTube and you can show more of your business in it.
We’d recommend you avoid filming it in Portrait.

We associate portrait with amateur videos. When anyone pulls out their phone to film something it’s always in portrait mode.

The Presenter

For the presenter, pick the most confident person in the business by selecting someone that knows the business well like the business owner, o’r an employee that’s very friendly and warming so your business will be presented in a positive manner.
Another thing that you should do is always get the video presenter to look at the camera. Try and avoid having the presenter interviewed, that’s more of a television thing. For online, talking to the audience is a better way to address your customers and make that personal connection with them making it more engaging.

Camera Movement

Moving the camera is fine, it doesn’t have be on a tripod, but there are some things you want to be aware of.
– Panning
– If you pan (moving the camera to the side) too quickly, the image can be too blurry for the audience to make out. It might be best to hold the camera still when it’s pointing towards anything important that you want to make sure the audience see.
– Micro-vibrations
– A good thing to look out for is something called micro-vibrations. If you hold the camera up for too long, your arm can become weak and cause you to slightly shake the camera. This is called micro-vibrations. Another thing that can cause micro-vibrations is the up and down movement of walking. These micro-vibrations look very amateur on screen. Luckily, iPhones are built with a stabiliser on board which reduces micro vibrations, but to be on the safe side, we recommend holding the phone with two hands, and tucking your elbows in towards your hips so they have support. You might feel silly, but this is a common technique done by all levels of photographers and videographers to make sure that their shot is more stable.

Tying in to camera movement is your framing, we recommend that you continuously point the camera on the presenter as they are talking. When the presenter mentions something in the shop, it is always tempting to swing the camera around the shop to show what the presenter is talking about but this can create a lot of fast swinging and distraction. A way to over come this is filming B roll.


B roll is the additional shots of the things that the presenter mentions which you film after the presenter has finished talking to the camera. A good way to make sure you’ve got all of your b roll is after filming the presenters part, sit down and watch the video back and make a list of everything that the presenter mentions, elements that would make a nice cut away or B roll shot for you to put on top as reference for the customers. Something else that would be considered B roll is an establishing shot of the outside of your business. This is a nice way to start your video, Once you’ve filmed all your B roll, you can add them into your edit. We’ll show you how to do this later on.

Audio Quality

Good audio quality is more important than good video quality. Now the iPhone does record sound too, but we do recommend that you consider investing into good audio quality. For this, we would suggest getting a cheap clip on mic also known as a lav mic and plugging it into the iPhone.
Having a mic close to the mouth reduces ambient room sound and reverb, it also reduces the sound of traffic outside and gives a nice clear sound to the voice, like a radio presenter.
With iPhones you are unable to plug in the mic into the phone straight away this is why and how you can overcome this:
– Lav mics day most headphones have what’s called a TS or a TRS connection (as shown in the video).
– For a mic to work with the iPhone, the iPhone needs to take a TRRS jack.
– So you would need to get an adapter for the mic to work with the iPhone.
– As an additional note the newest iPhones (iPhone 7 and above) don’t have a jack input they only have the lightning connector so you will need to buy an adapter for the mic to be plugged into the iPhone.
– It can be overwhelming at first but we promise you, audio quality is worth the investment.

When your filming remember to turn of any music or radios that are playing in the background before you record and if you do want music in your video, make sure it’s royalty free or music that you own the licensing to.


This section ties back to the previous point of picking the perfect presenter! When it comes to the content of the video we can’t really tell you what to say for this but we can give you some pointers.
– Make sure that the presenter knows enough about the business, make sure they convey the unique selling points and sell everything that’s attractive about the business, you want to make it appeal to your customers.
– Make sure that the content is no longer than three minutes you want to make sure that your information is precise and straight to the point it’s easy to get excited and go off on a tangent speaking about other things.
– Social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook have no limits to the content that you can upload whereas Instagram only allows you to upload 60 seconds worth of footage, so always keep that in mind when your working on a script or editing your video.


The simplest way to edit your video on your iPhone is the iMovie app. Now this app should already be on your phone but if you can’t find it don’t worry because it’s free to download from the App Store.

There is a quick tutorial in the video on how to edit on iMovie.

These are all of our tips and tricks that we have on how to film a simple video for your business from your iPhone. If you don’t have time then there are many other options out there for you.
There are many Media and Film students who would be willing to film and edit the videos for you as credit towards their studies, and of course there are video production companies like us Trigger Happy Creative who can create professional content for you at a high quality standard.

The NearMeNow promo video is an example of the quality of our work.